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Is your business 'On Purpose'?

We love to ask business owners why they started their business.   Usually we hear it’s about control, flexibility and making more money than being an employee. And these are good reasons. From the perspective of business growth and maximising value? They might not cut the mustard.   Those three key reasons – control, flexibility and money – are all very inward looking. They’re highly personal motivators. They’re most definitely not reasons why clie...continue reading

Is your team showing signs of disengagement?

If so, you’re absolutely not alone. According to the Australian Human Resources Institute, engagement scores for most Australian businesses sit at or below 36%. That leaves a big slice of employees disengaged.   Some key clues to look out for in your business include:   Lack of real connections between teams and business owners/leaders, Uncertainty among team members about outcomes they’re expected to achieve, Low levels of autonomy and decision making authority, L...continue reading

To grow your business, maybe forget about efficiency…

And focus more on effectiveness. What’s the difference? Ignoring textbook definitions, it essentially comes down to doing the right things (effective) and doing things right (efficient). In the context of growth, that difference can be critically important. Let’s say your short term growth strategy is focused on securing a steady stream of new clients. What’s the first thing you’d do to make that happen? Probably not set about re-engineering processes to make them re...continue reading